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Vision Filter With 10" Lid


Certikin Vision range of domestic bobbin wound filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology. Providing a strong and durable tank with an impressive 10 year warranty. The awesome 10” diameter lid on both the top and side mount models makes servicing and maintenance quicker and easier and a hydraulically balanced lateral system ensures optimum flow characteristics during filtration and backwashing.

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The Certikin Vision filter is a highly rated sand filter which is designed to operate for years with minimum amount of maintenance work needed to be done. If installed correctly, using the easy to follow instructions in the installation manual supplied, it will provide years of trouble free operation. Dirt is collected in the filter as the water flows through the control valve at the top of the side of the filter and is directed downwards onto the top surface of the filter media bed. The dirt is collected in the media bed and the clean water flows through the lower piping at the bottom of the filter up through the centre pipe into the control multiport valve.

The pressure will rise and the flow to the pool will be lowered as the dirt is collected in the filter, eventually the filter will become clogged with dirt and debris that it will be necessary to perform the backwash procedure. It is important to backwash the filter regularly to ensure the vision filter functions at the correct pressure and works efficiently. A pressure valve is supplied to help you determine when this is needed. Media will not need to be change for 7 to 10 years of use depending of choice of media.


Patented 10” Lid – For Ease of Maintenance

10 Year Full Tank Warranty For Residential Installation

Bobbin Wound Using the Latest In Fibreglass Winding Technologies

Clear Mounting Ring on Top Mount Models – Allowing a clear View of Filtration and Backwashing in Operation

Multiport Valve Comes Complete with 1.5” and 50mm Quick Connect Unions

Hydraulic Balanced Laterals to Maximize Waterflow and Filtration

Automatic Internal Air Bleed to Expel Any Unwanted Air in the Tank

Max Working Pressure 2.5 BAR

Also Available as 4 BAR model

Pressure Gauge Included


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