Thermowood Wood Burning Hot Tub


The Thermo Wood Burning Spa is an eco friendly hot tub that is ready to use within moments of delivery. The Thermo Spa is hard wearing and durable to all weather conditions, a number of accessories and covers are available to make your spa time as comfortable and relaxing as it can be.

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The Thermo Wood burning spa has great characteristics such as the Thermo wood material varies from the untreated wooden spas such as the spruce wood burning hot tub. Thermo wood barrels do not dry out as much as standard wooden barrel’s as some ingredients are used in the manufacturing process to seal it. In spite of only nominal changing, we deliver Thermo Wood Barrels assembled to give the best possible service for our customers. Also Thermo Wood Barrels will leak a bit when it has been out of use for a long time but when getting wet it will swell just like the standard barrels and will naturally absorb the water and expand the wood to seal any gaps.


The Wood Burning thermo Hot Tub comes complete with an external stove which is situated outside the spa saving you valuable space inside the spa. The stove has heating capabilities of approximately 30KW. We would recommend that you stove the wood burner cautiously as heating can take some time before you start to feel any difference in the spa water. Lighting the wood burner when the spa is empty will result in costly damage to the stove, our stoves have been carefully selected for each size spa to make sure you gain maximum heat potential from the stove without making it heat too fast or slowly.


Water temperature is at its best when temperature is up to 36 degrees. It takes about two hours to heat the water, depending on the barrel size, water temperature and outside temperature and the quality of firewood. To maintain the water temperature you can keep a small fire burning in the oven when bathing. It is important to remember that the temperatures change at a slow pace in this kind of water quantities. So it is better to add firewood and logs in the oven slowly so that you will not overheat your bath water. After bathing several times you will find the best way to heat the water, it is simply trail and error.


The best care for the barrel is using it and washing it regularly. Another important thing is to ensure that the air circulates beneath the barrel. Regular tap or sea water can be used when filling your spa as the oven is manufactured of marine aluminium. Thermo Barrels keeps the moisture better with salty water and it slows down the dry out process.


Please add any accesories needed before paying for your wood burning spa

  • Tub Diameter is 170cm
  • Outside Material is made from thermo wood
  • Internal material is a plastic insertion from PE
  • Depth of the tub 91cm
  • Bands around the TUB are made of acid proof steel
  • Fixed Benches Inside
  • Bottom from EPS, Isolative
  • Insulation Blocks Under the bench
  • Wooden Round top edge frame
  • External 20kW wood Burning Heater
  • Complete Chimney Set D 150mm L= 2,0m or short stack of 1 metre
  • Grey and Brown colour options available (Must Specifly)
  • Number of people: 4.5
  • Volume: 1860.00 litres
  • Weight: 220 kg
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