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Solar Sun Rings


Solar Sun Rings are a passive solar heater. With over 2 million sold worldwide they have become the alternative to solar covers. There are 3 styles of solar sun ring, the standard palm style, plain sun rings and sun rings with anchors which are required for pools in windy areas. The anchored rings come in plain or palm design. If you are looking at pool saftey, do not want a reel system near you swimming pool and want to reduce you pool heating costs then solar sun rings maybe the ideal solution for you.

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Solar Sun Rings were initially designed with safety in mind, the Solar Sun Rings are also more efficient in heating than a normal blue bubble solar cover, Solar Sun Rings will add heat more effectively than a solar cover and will even heat right to the bottom of your pool raising the temperature of your pool quicker than a solar cover and without the usual "hot top" and "cold bottom" effect that solar covers produce.

Solar Sun Rings

  • Produce More Heat Than A Blue Solar Cover
  • Are Much Easier To Use On Above Ground Pools
  • Produce Up To 21,000 BTU Heating Power Per Ring Per Day
  • Are Safer Than Solar Covers - No Fear Of Entrapment
  • Heat Right To The Bottom Of The Pool
  • Have A Rafting Design For Simple One Person Removal


With each Solar Sun Ring capable of producing up to 21,000 BTU every day the heat output from a swimming pool covered by Solar Sun Rings is comparable to having "Black Matting" Solar Heating for your swimming pool but at a fraction of the cost. 

Buying Solar Sun Rings & using them on your swimming pool instead of a solar cover will help slash your heating costs by fully utilising the Sun's power while heating your water.

A huge advantage is that they can be used on pool designs or styles that are generally too awkward for a standard solar cover. Free-form pools can now be covered easily as can Above Ground Pools. This also applies to Intex, Bestway or similar.

An additional advantage is that they do not require a Reel System for removal.

Solar Sun Rings are a passive solar heating device designed to maximise the natural heating effect that the sun has on your water. Each Solar Sun Ring is made from two sheets of heavyweight Ultra Violet resistant vinyl, the top clear layer holds insulating air and directs and focuses sunlight on to the blue coloured bottom layer.

The lower blue layer of the Solar Sun Rings absorb approximately 50% of the sunlight and converts that into heat which heats the water in direct contact with the Solar Sun Ring. The design of the Solar Sun Rings then allows the rest of the sunlight to pass through to the bottom of your pool for deep water heating and at night the insulating air trapped between the two layers of vinyl in the Solar Sun Rings reduces heat loss.

Each Solar Sun Ring has six magnets positioned to facilitate the rafting effect that allows the Solar Sun Rings to be such effective passive solar heaters. This rafting effect also means that the Solar Sun Rings can easily be removed from the water surface by one person. 

The rings are designed to split apart when sustained or sudden pressure is applied to the magnets. This has two purposes, the first and most importantly being a safety feature. If a child, animal or even an adult accidently falls into the swimming pool the cover will split apart and not envelop and entrap them as a normal bubble solar cover would.

The second reason is that it allows an automatic or robotic pool cleaner to continue to clean your pool even when the pool is covered. In the event that the pool vacuum hose catches on a ring the magnets will break apart allowing the pool vacuum to continue on it's way.

Water or Chemicals can not evaporate through the cover the Solar Sun Rings provide your swimming pool, so if you cover 80% of your swimming pool with Solar Sun Rings you will also reduce your water and chemical loss by approximately 80% too.


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