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Seal Salt Chlorinators


Seal Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator is a fully featured chlorinator, that comes from Australia with cutting edge technology providing for a reliable and cost effective sanitising system. The Seal Salt Chlorinator has the highest quality electrodes and polymers and incorporates the latest nanotechnology and comes with 2 years warranty. The unit includes the following, manual and automatic settings, super chlorinator, low salt alarm, emergency low salt function, electrode alarm, water flow alarm, daylight saving alarm, 20 stop and start times.

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The Seal Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator is a safe way to clean water. Water treated with salt rather than harsh chemicals such as chlorine will help especially if your child suffers from Eczema and Asthma. These systems are more popular in other countries especially in Australia where over 90% of new swimming pool builds now have salt chlorinators installed as standard?

So if you are thinking about using a salt chlorinator for your swimming pool but need to know more here are some general information that might help.

What is a salt chlorinator? A salt chlorinator is an electronic devise that turns salt into chlorine. Salt is added to the water, the amount of salt needed is equivalent to approximately one ninth the strength of sea water. This mild salty water passes through an electronic cell and chlorine is produced. The chlorine will sanitize your swimming pool, destroying the bacteria and algae before turning back to salt again. The salt will last for a long period of time although you will only need to add some additional salt where water has been lost through backwashing.

Available in two models, SEAL salt water chlorinator has been developed in Australia for extreme working conditions with cutting edge technology for a reliable and cost effective sanitizing system. We specified the highest quality electrodes and polymers incorporating the latest nanotechnology.

The electrode casing has an exceptionally thick section. Particular attention has been paid to eliminating current leakage around the edges of the electrodes for maximum efficiency. The electrode has been designed for Reverse Polarity cleaning and Velocity cleaning


Each Seal Chlorinator model benefits from the following:

  • CL Standard Require 6,000 PPM Salt
  • CLH Higher Range Require 3,000 PPM Salt
  • Manual & automatic settings
  • Super chlorinating
  • Emergency low salt function
  • Electrode alarm
  • Water flow alarm
  • 20 start & stop times
  • Automatic low salt protection
  • Automatic electrode condition monitoring
  • Automatic water flow detection
  • Output set-points of Low- 40%, Medium- 70% and High- 100%
  • Output control of voltage and current using state of the art control feedback technology
  • Soft start function during polarity reversal to increase operational lifetime of electrodes
  • Software and hardware protection against power spikes
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Weatherproof to IP24
  • Watchdog monitor to prevent software lockup
  • Battery backup timer suitable for off peak tariff connection
  • Electrode size 61 x 125 mm
  • Maximum of 11 electrodes in the cell casing
  • Electrode casing moulded with high impact acrylic. Wall thickness: 8 mm
  • Efficient flow characteristics in the electrode design
  • The Seal CL60 is suitable for Swimming Pools 65,000 Litres
  • The Seal CL90 is suitable for swimming Pools 90,000 Litres
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