Salt Cell Protector Plus By Lo-Chlor 5 litres


Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus 5 Litres is a complex blend of Magnesium salts, which coats the salt chlorinator cell making it simple and easy to clean. This product is ideal for cells using reverse polarity. A clean salt cell will ensure a better production of sanitiser and a cleaner swimming pool. 5 Litres treats 50,000 Litres

Our Price: £29.00

Lo-Chlor will not only limit the build-up of calcium scale on salt chlorinator cells, Salt Cell Protector Plus will soften any deposits, making them so much easier to remove in future maintenance cleans.
One treatment will last for approximately 6 months making it an extremely economical product to use.

Increases chloride concentration in water and enhancing chlorine production.
5 Litres of Salt Cell Protector Plus will increase water hardness by 100 ppm in a 50,000 litre swimming pool. We recommend that every pool owner who is sanitising his or her pool using a salt chlorinator should use our companion product Lo-Chlor Clean Cell Plus on a regular basis.


  • Improves Chlorine Production
  • Reduces Deposit on Salt Chlorinator Cells
  • Lo-Chlor Original Brand
  • 5 Litres 
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