Rotospa Duospa S240 2 - 3 Person Hot Tub -Fits Through Doors


Free Installation on our 2017 Model DuoSpa S240 with Chrome Jets & Ozonator included. DuoSpa S240 is our high quality 2-3 person Hot Tub Spa. Two Recliner Lounger Seats and an internal step that doubles up as a child’s raised seat and an air massage system for your legs and integrated LED light make the DuoSpa S240 an ideal Couples or small family Hot Tub Spa. The DuoSpa S240 is designed for modern houses and will fit comfortably through a standard sized door.

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The New 2017 Duospa S240 Now Includes Delivery & Installation, Chrome Jets & Ozonator as standard.

The Duo Spa S240 breaks the mould in its revolutionary design, meaning the Duospa S240 is affordable, attractive, light, portable and durable while providing world class hydrotherapy. Introducing a lifetime of luxury, hydrotherapy and relaxation to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or garden.

The DuoSpa S240 has a Unique Design with aesthetically pleasing flowing lines  and a superb finish, far in excess of any spa in it’s price range. The Duospa S080 has 2 full depth naturally reclining seats with a world class hydrotherapy system and is made from an advanced manufacturing process meaning the Duo Spa S240 is formed in one durable, lightweight piece ensuring increased strength with unparalleled heat and noise insulation.

The Duospa S240 has an extremely lightweight shell weighing only 90kg so the DuoSpa S240 can be easily moved, lifted or slid into place by 1-2 people.  This along with the fact that the DuoSpa S240 is designed to fit through a standard sized door so there is no need for cranes etc when delivered makes it the ideal hot tub for areas with difficult access, where previously owning a Hot Tub was impossible.

Economical running costs mean that you can enjoy your DuoSpa S240 at any time, simply take the cover off and immerse yourself in water temperatures of up to 40°c. A fantastic feeling after a long, hard day, particularly in those long winter months.

Massage away the stresses of the day in the DuoSpa S240 multi massage therapy seats, or relax and revitalise with the multi air injection system that adds millions of tiny energising air bubbles to the water behind your back, around your legs and under your feet and gives the most invigorating massage experience. With the demands of modern living you deserve the ultimate in home relaxation and comfort. You deserve The DuoSpa S240.

The Duo Spa has aesthetically pleasing flowing lines, rounded corners, removable cedar side panels, and a smooth comfortable finish with a top of the range hydrotherapy system.


The DuoSpa S240 is available in Ocean Blue, Granite Grey, Light Grey and Sandstone.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the delivery please do not hesitate to call.


The S160 Duraspa price includes installation, depending on site conditions


DuoSpa S240 Hot Tub Includes Ozonator, Chrome Jets & Installation


Two Speed Pump, 12 Jets,  Digital Controls. Commando Socket Connection with Optional RCD Plug Extension For 13 Amp Sockets.


1820 x 1210x 700 Deep - Fits through most   doorways!

500 – 550 litres. (2 to 3 persons)

Approx. 90 kg Dry (600 kg Filled)

Commando Socket Connection with Optional RCD Plug Extension For 13 Amp Sockets.

2hp Two Speed ‘SpaQuip’ pump


2.0kw heater
25 sq ft Top load high flow cartridge filter


Spa System
12 luxury hydro jet package to include:
8 x 3" Rototationg Massage Jet
  4 x 3" Directional Eyeball Jet

  12 x Multipoint Air Injector Jets


‘Silent’ air control knobs
(to adjust air stream in hydro jets)
Deluxe Digital Touch Pad control system

Multispeed Air Blower Control System

Multi Coloured LED Light System 

2 x padded Headrests,
1 x Lockable Thermal Hard Cover

Spa Colours
Sandstone, Ocean Blue, Light grey & Granite Grey

Hard Covers


Music Option
 Ipod Jackpoin

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