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Certikin County Leisure Walk in Roman End Step Units can be retro fitted to concrete and resin liner pools as well as all new builds, these steps will add that finishing touch to your pool which enhance the final look to any in-ground swimming pool. A step in unit will add value to your swimming pool and make entry in and out of your pool easier, rather than climbing up and down ladders which can be hard for most swimmers.

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The Certikin Walk in Steps were first developed in 1985 by the leading manufactures in roman ends step units who are country leisure, they are renowned within the pool industry and are now the biggest in Europe for their innovations in step units, flumes, sun loungers and pool walls etc. Along with Certikin, who are the biggest suppliers in the UK there really isn’t a better choice out there when I comes to choosing a step unit which is reliable and structurally sound and sturdy!

To install a walk in step unit will need to be on a levelled surface and secured by bolts to your pools panels / blocks and backfilled with concrete. Your liner then fits under the step unit’s faceplate which you secure in place once your pool water level is filled to the top of the ledge. Once secured you can then cut your liner out and allow your pool to continue filling up like you normally would when fitting a liner

Walk In step units are available with or without a under foam backing, however most customers specify a foam backing to reinforce strength in fibreglass and reduced flexing when walking over the steps. The Walking steps can be purchased with a tile band or without to ensure a purpose for all types of swimming pools

Roman end steps are delivered as a complete kit already built and will incur a carriage and the cost of this will be dependent on what your access is like at the property and where you are located, so please keep in mind before ordering

If you are not comfortable with installing this to your pool we do also provide a fitting services which would have to be arranged via our contacts page and an engineer will call you to arrange site visit if needed and quote a price.  Please find prices for four our most common step units, there are many available in the downloadable broacher. If there is a particular roman end you wish to get a price for that isn’t listed in the price list but is in the broacher then please contact us via our contact page again for more information


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