Pump Filter Combos

Swimming pool pump and filter combination packs offer the Greatest value for money when you need to buy both, either for a new build or simply just replacing your existing combo set. A high quality, top of the range swimming pool pump and filter system for a fraction of the cost of, but without compromising on quality.

The swimming pool sand filter and pump combo is made up of a PE lined fibreglass reinforced Polyester or blow moulded Filter tank with unequalled strength and durability. The very reliable pumps are centrifugal and are great quality but without the high price. These swimming pool sand filter & pump kits will provide years of reliable service and you are sure to find the correct sizing on each combination set


Vision Filter, Aquaspeed pump & filter Media More info
Vision Filter, Aquaspeed pump & filter Media starstarstarstarstar This is a Certikin Swimming Pool Pump and Filter Combos made from two high quality items and put together for maximising the efficientcy of swimming pool water clarity and circulation for chemical dispersment. With this Combo you are guaranteed excellent pool water quality, and with a 10year warranty on the Vision filter you can't go wrong, and to top it off these combos are supplied with sand.
  Product Description Our Price £
Vision 20" top mount & Aquaspeed 0.75hp £925.00
Vision 24" top mount & Aquaspeed 1hp £1,025.00
Vision 30" top mount & Aquaspeed 1.5hp £1,495.00
Vision 20" side mount & Aquaspeed 0.75hp £995.00
Vision 24" side mount & Aquaspeed 1hp £1,150.00
Vision 30" side mount & Aquaspeed 1.5hp £1,495.00
Vision 36" side mount & Aquaspeed 2hp £2,100.00
Perfect Pools Sand Filter Pump Combo More info
Perfect Pools Sand Filter Pump Combo starstarstarstar Perfect Pools 6 Way Sand Filters and Pump Combo has been designed and equipped to offer the best efficiency and water clarity at a great price. Easy to install and suitable for inground and above ground swimming pools
  Product Description Our Price £
Perfect Pools 16" Sand Filter with .5hp Pump £310.00
Perfect Pools 19" Sand Filter and .75hp pump £370.00
Perfect Pools 24" Sand Filter with 1hp Pump £430.00
Mega Pool Filter Combo - Blow Moulded FSP More info
Mega Pool Filter Combo - Blow Moulded FSP starstarstar Mega 4 way filter set type FSP is perfect if you wish to upgrade any intex/bestway filter cartridge pump which isn’t strong enough to do your pool cleaning. You may find you need to spend a few pounds on connection and fittings which we supply too.
  Product Description Our Price £
Mega 14" Sand Filter with 0.20Hp SS Pump £230.00
Mega 16" Sand Filter with 0.33Hp SS Pump £255.00
Mega 18" Sand Filter with 0.5Hp SS Pump £285.00
Mega 20" Sand Filter with 0.75Hp SS Pump £310.00

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