Pentair Swimming Pool Pumps

Pentair are a leading expert in the manufacturing of Swimming Pool Pumps. Having a range of models and sizes they provide what the Swimming Pool user requires whether it is commercial or domestic. Pentairs Swimming Pool Pumps suit both above ground and in ground Swimming Pools. With technology only progressing Pentair are making sure they are getting the most our of there pumps with both performance and efficiency

Pentair WhisperPro S5P5R More info
Pentair WhisperPro S5P5R starstarstarstarstar Pentair WhisperPro is the most efficient and quietest pump you can buy! Greater efficiency means lower running costs and the key lies in the Swimming Pool Pumps design. The secret is to minimise friction and turbulence. Less friction means greater efficiency and less turbulence means less noise.
  Product Description Our Price £
Sta-Rite S5P5R Whisperpro 0.75hp £495.00
Sta-Rite S5P5R Whisperpro 1.00hp £557.00
Sta-Rite S5P5R Whisperpro 1.50hp £612.00
Sta-Rite S5P5R Whisperpro 2hp £720.00
Sta-Rite S5P5R Whisperpro 3hp £900.00
Sta-Rite 5P6R Swimming Pool Pump More info
Sta-Rite 5P6R Swimming Pool Pump starstarstarstarstar The Sta-Rite 5P6R is built to the highest of standards with its precision-moulded pump body, manufactured with a blend of glass-reinforced thermoplastic that is highly corrosions free. Each and every Sta-Rite Pump comes with complete with union connections for quick installation and servicing.
  Product Description Our Price £
0.75Hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Single Phase £525.00
1.00Hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Single Phase £557.00
1.50Hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Single Phase £605.00
2.00hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Single Phase £659.00
3.00hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Single Phase £702.00
0.75Hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Three Phase £485.00
1.00Hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Three Phase £518.00
1.50Hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Three Phase £535.00
2.00hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Three Phase £627.00
3.00hp Sta-Rite 5P6R Three Phase £694.00

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