Adhesives, Pipe Cleaner, Sealants

All adheisives, cleaner, tape and sealants suitable for use on PVC and ABS grade pipe. All adhesives designed for high pressure and chemically treated fluids. Ideal for swimming pools and domestic plumbing application.

Saba Flexbond HS Cement More info
Saba Flexbond HS Cement starstarstarstar When using SABA flexbond in combination with SABA PVC & ABS cleaner, Saba flexbond HS guarantees a reliable bond up to a working pressure of 6 bars
  Product Description Our Price £
Saba Flexbond Cement 250ml with brush £12.00
Saba Flexbond Cement 1lt with brush £32.00
Tangit All Pressure Glue More info
Tangit All Pressure Glue starstarstarstarstar Tangit all pressure glue for bonding of PVC and ABS pipe and fittings in chemically treated water and pressurised systems. Ideally used for swimming pool filtration.
  Product Description Our Price £
Tangit all pressure glue 125g tube (No Brush Included) £7.25
Tangit all pressure glue 250g tin with brush £11.75
Tangit all pressure glue 480g tin with brush £19.95
Tangit all pressure glue 1kg tin with brush £32.00
Tangit all pressure glue 4.5kg tin with brush £98.00
Wet and Dry PVC and ABS Cement More info
Wet and Dry PVC and ABS Cement starstarstarstarstar Solvent cement for flexible hosing, coupling sleeves and fittings in pressure and drainage pipe upto 160mm diameter.
  Product Description Our Price £
Wet and Dry Cement 250ml £7.94
Wet and Dry Cement 500ml £17.48

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