Salt Chlorinator & Salt

Salt Chlorinators are a great alternative to using chemicals in the pool, these low maintenance units are ideal for people who don't like or can't use chlorine. Installed inline so you swimming pool water is always keep sanitized.

We sold a range of Salt Prodcus in stock including premium Kinetico Salt Blocks for Water Softners, Pure vacuum Dried salt for Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinators and rock salt which is perfect for de-icing footpaths, driveways, roads and car parks

Seal Salt Chlorinators More info
Seal Salt Chlorinators starstarstarstarstar The Seal Chlorinator has been developed in Australia for Australian conditions with cutting edge technology for reliable and cost effective sanitizing system. We specified the highest quality electrodes and polymers incorporating the latest nanotechnology
  Product Description Our Price £
Salt Chlorinator CL40 40,000 Ltrs £525.00
Salt Chlorinator CL40H 40,000 Ltrs £636.00
Salt Chlorinator CL60 60,000 Ltrs £636.00
Salt Chlorinator CL60H 60,000 Ltrs £795.00
Salt Chlorinator CL90 90,000 Ltrs £795.00
Salt Chlorinator CL90H 90,000 Ltrs £1,085.00
Salt Chlorinator CL90 120,000 Ltrs £1,085.00
Salt Chlorinator CL120H 120,000 Ltrs £1,260.00
Salt Chlorinator CL150 120,000 Ltrs £1,260.00
Salt Chlorinator CL20 20,000 Ltrs (Ideal For Intex/Bestway/O-Blue above ground pools) £458.00

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