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The Eco+ has an exception COP of 5, meaning you can get up to 5 times more heat into your pool than it will cost you in electricity. Compared to electric heaters this can save you over £1,000 a year in energy costs. The Eco+ is a small compact unit and needs very little flow rate to operate which is ideal for the small above ground swimming pools. Heat Pumps draw in air and expel air, the air they expel is very cold, other heat pumps tend to blow their freezing cold air (Waste) horizontally which can cause pool owner headaches due to this being a problem of where the heat pump can be situated. The Eco+ blow its waste vertically, this mean the heat pump can be sited out the way and out of eye contact from the pool and well hidden with filtration unit. You still must allow the unit to draw fresh warm ambient air for this to work and the ambient air has to be 8°C and above for the unit to work efficiently.

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The Eco+ most valuable feature has to be the fitted UK plug and RCD (except 14kw) which makes installation easy and less expensive compared to any other efficient heating system on the market, the eco+ comes complete with all unions and hose tails for all different style swimming pools to be installed with ease. With full flow technology so there is no need for the traditional bypass kit to control the flow with hideous looking and inaccurate ball valves, this can now be done with a user friendly colour display 3 button flow indicators. Please look through our images for more information on the LCD display and user manual is also downloadable for anyone to browse through before purchasing. Very reasonable priced for all these features to be added on to a heat pump which you don’t usually get unless you spend out on a larger scale heat pump which just isn’t practical for a small to medium size swimming pool.

When purchasing a heat for a small to medium swimming pool you would usually have to take into account the cost to be hard wired into mains by and electrician on its own spurs and RCD which can be costly in some cases, the cost of a bypass kit to control a flow rate going into the unit and for winterising the heat pump and also where the unit would be sited which needs to be in the open for the unit to circulate freely. The Eco+ has now revolutionised the heat pump market by removing all previous faults and making a heat pump which is reasonably priced, user friendly, vertical exhaust and runs from a standard UK 13amp 3-pin plug. Everything you could want from a small compact heat pump unit for an above ground swimming pool.  Please Note the 14kw still has to be hard wired in


Eco + 4kW - 12M3

Eco + 6kW - 20M3

Eco + 9kW - 30M3

Eco + 14kW - 45M3 (Needs to be Hardwired)


  • Fitted UK plug and RCD (except Eco+14) and hose connections for above ground pools
  • Specially designed for small and medium Pools (thin wall pools, polyester, metal or wooden wall pools <45m3)
  • Will continue to function even at low flow rates (low flow rates arise if the filter is partially clogged)
  • Can be used with sand filters
  • Can be used with cartridge filters
  • Operates from +8°C air temperature
  • An exceptionally high COP value (5) for such a small compact heat pump.
  • Easy and fast to install (<15 min). Plug and play
  • User friendly. Colour display 3 buttons Flow indication
  • Safety RCD protection and UK plug - Plug & play (Note: Eco+14 needs to be hard wired to a dedicated breaker)
  • Using sustainable materials (UV resistant Polymer casing and titanium heat exchanger)
  • Full Flow Technology No Bypass needed
  • With R410a gas for an environmentally friendly operation
  • Plastic rust-resistant polymer casing


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