OC-1 Revolutionary Swimming Pool Filter Media


OC-1 Filtration Media is a set to revolutionise the way swimming pools are filtered and cleaned. With 20X the capacity of debris capture, compared to sand or glass, running costs and power costs will tumble.

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OC-1 filtration media is UK made and completely changes the way you should filter your pool. By replacing your sand or glass with OC-1 Filtration Media it is possible to reduce the head loss in the filtration system, allowing you to filter with a constant flow, regardless of how much debris is collected and significantly reduce the running costs whilst still filtering to the equivalent standard, just by using a smaller pump or a variable speed pump or controller.

OC-1 can now be used with top mounted filters is OC-3 floating media is also used. The adaptor and an inverter is needed on all new and existing filters.

Please confirm which filter you have so we can add the correct diffuser

Given the significant increase in pressure and flow an inverter is an essential requirement. the Inverter will provide energy cost saving of upto 70%

The amount of OC-1 you require is as follows - weight can vary as is used as a guidline only

16" to 18" Filters require just 50 liters = approx 8kg to 9kg of OC-1 Media

19" to 20" Filters require jusr 66 liters = 10kg to 12kg of OC-1 Media

24" Filters require just 94 liters = 17kg to 20kg of OC-1 Media

30" Filters require just 150 liters = 27kg to 32kg of OC-1 Media

Only 1 x OC-3 is needed for top mounted filters


OC-1’s outstanding key benefits

Reduces energy consumption – OC-1 maintains constant flow rates, even when the media becomes dirty. No downtime is required for heating/salt chlorinators/heat pumps going out on low flow. The constant flow means pumps can be run at lower speeds, thus saving energy.

Huge capacity for debris collection – OC-1 offers over 20 times the debris collection capacity of sand or glass.

Reduced requirement for backwashing and a more efficient backwash - Reduces water consumption, chemical usage and heating. There is no need to backwash on start up with new installations.

Lightweight -Easy to handle and quick to install.

Less Maintenance - lasts longer than sand, reduces pressure in the system, extending the life of equipment.

Filters to all International standards.

Suitable for ALL installations - domestic or commercial, outdoor or indoor, new Installs or existing filters.

Recyclable at end of product life.

Payback typically 6-12 months.

Amount of OC-1 required for your filter - other sizes including Commercial Systems are availavle on request


16" to 18" Filters require just 50 liters OC-1 Media

19" to 20" Filters require jusr 70 liters OC-1 Media

24" Filters require just 96 liters OC-1 Media

30" Filters require just 150 liters OC-1 Media


Just one OC-3 is needed along with required amount of OC-1 for top mounted filters

Please advise us which filter you have when you buy the diffuser so we can add the correct one

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