Midas Geo-Bubble Solar Cover - 500 Micron


Midas 500 micron GeoBubble Solar Cover is one of the most popular solar covers available. Manufactured in the UK by Plastipack the Midas 500 GeoBubble has dark blue topside with a gold underside which is ideal when heat retention is required. This is especially important in the UK with low night-time temperatures drop quite dramatically.

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The Midas 500 GeoBubble Solar Cover will gain solar heat and retain the heat within the pool better than most other solar covers. This 500 micron GeoBubble cover has great advantages from its Gold layered underside which has been specifically designed for heat retention. Energy costs for swimming pools are getting higher every year and retaining heat in pools is becoming vitally important to keep running cost to a minimal. The Gold layer on the Midas reflects heat back into the water retaining more heat in than other solar covers on the market. This is important in the UK when night temperatures are low and heat loss is much larger.


The Midas 500 is gold on the underside and Aqua Blue on the top providing a unique and extremely attractive finish. The Midas GeoBubble 500-micron solar cover is the perfect choice when you want your pool to be looking exceptionally clean and keeping running cost to a minimal, Not only will this benefit you from heating bills, but will also stop 98% of water evaporation and also stop bird droppings, leaves and other debris from entering the pool which will feed the algae. With pool sizes 8m x 4m and bigger the solar cover will pay for itself in only just over a year! just by savings on running costs alone


A solar cover is a must have on any swimming pool indoors or outdoors. At World of Pools we have listed the most common pool sizes in the UK which if order before 1pm could be delivered on a next working service. Swimming pools that need either different size that’s listed or you would like your solar cover with hemmed and leading edges attached please call our sales team on the telephone number provides or contact us contact page for a written quotation

  • Will Add Heat to Your Swimming Pool
  • Reduce Your Heating Bills
  • Retains More Heat than Standard 400 micron covers
  • Reduce Water Loss through Evaporation
  • Keep Your Pool Clean and will help in preventing algae growth
  • Reduce the Loss of Chemicals
  • 4 Year Pro-Rata Warranty (UK & Eire)
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