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Meaco DRY 800i Series Dehumidifier


The Meaco 800i are very powerful dehumidifiers designed for larger swimming pools up to a massive 118 square metres in size. The 800i series has gone through rigorous design and testing process but are very competitively priced when compared with their dehumidifier peers. As well as sharing the low noise level of the 300i/500i models the 800i/1200i also benefit from having highly accurate electronic humidistat that ensures energy consumption is kept to an absolute minimum. The 800i can be mounted either on the floor or the wall and have the option of LPHW heating when used in the pool room or through wall mounting when used in a separate plant room

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At World of Pools we have been selling Meaco swimming pool dehumidifiers for some years now and we have been looking at different brands for us to really push on the swimming pool market. We are delighted to finally to be able to endorse this range of swimming pool dehumidifiers which all units are tested before leaving manufacture depot.

The 300i/500i/800i and 1200i are made for us to exacting standards within the European Union with each one been individually tested before its leaves the factory. Build standards for swimming pool dehumidifiers have to be high because of the aggressive nature of the chemicals and the high humidity. This makes them a good choice for other applications that require wall mounted dehumidifiers because of the superior quality of the parts used. Customers should note though that this range is only designed for heated areas above 15°C.

As standard the dehumidifiers dry the air and re-warm it to 2°C warmer than it came in. If you want the dehumidifier to heat the room air then it can by using an optional extra called Low Pressure Hot Water (LPHW) heating. This allows you to connect the dehumidifier to your boiler and the air can be heated via a hot water pipe that passes through the dehumidifier. Other options include a remote wireless humidistat.

Selecting the right dehumidifier for your swimming pool can seem to be confusing. We can simplify this process for you, to do so we need to know the surface area of the water, the water temperature, the air temperature and whether you will be using a cover or not. You can contact us through our contact page with these details and we will get an experienced engineer to decide on which dehumidifier would be best for you and your needs

As a guide as long as the air temperature is 2°C warmer than the water temperature and you use a cover then the 800i can control a pool with a surface area of 157 square meters. All Swimming pools dehumidifiers comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty with the option to extend this up to 4 year if need be.

Key Features

·         Wall, floor or through the wall mounting

·         Designed for swimming pools

·         Built-in humidistat

·         Rotary Compressor

·         Huge extraction rate

·         Low noise level

·         Optional wireless humidistat

·         Optional LPHW heating

·         Rotary compressor

·         Meaco branding

·         Optional Extended warranty


Extraction rate at 30°C and 80% rh

148 liters per day


Yes, electronic with display  

Continuous Drainage Option




Electronic Controls


Auto Start


Air Filter


Noise Level


Power Supply

Normal British 230V, 50Hz

Average Power Consumption


Total Heat delivered to the air


Normal running

8.5 amps, protection required 10 amps

Condensate Drain

16mm Diameter

Air Flow

740 Cubic Metres per Hour

Operating Temperatures





Continuous Drainage Only

Dimensions (HWD) mm

950 x 1250 x 310mm



Optional Extras



Output 4kW (90/70°C – Water Temp in/Out)

Total Heat Output LPHW & dehumidifier Combined


Wireless Humidistat


Through Wall Mounting


Floor Mounting Stand


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