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Loop-Loc Safety Covers


The Loop-Loc II super dense mesh swimming pool safety cover not only protects your swimming pool but it offers you the peace of mind that children or animals are safe playing near the water. You'll probably never need a pool cover strong enough to support the weight of an elephant but imagine how safe and the peace of mind you will have knowing you own the only pool cover that's proven it can

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Loop-Loc safety cover is made from the highest of quality of materials, being produced with legendary ultra strong mesh which is made with a denser weave that viturally blocks sunlight but still lets rain and melted snow seap through. This cover would be perfect for the customer who wants to let less light and debris into there swimming pool water. Which is perfect for the customer who does not want algae growth throughout the winter period. 

Loop-Loc incredable strength is what produces your swimming pool with the safety you need. With testing this cover is proved to with hold the weigh of a elephant which puts your mind at ease knowing if children or pets were near by they would be safe. 

Loop-Loc saftey cover is fitted and fastened down around your pool surround pinning the cover as tight to the floor as possible ensuring there are no gaps created around your pool. Loop-Loc is the only pool cover that comes with patented safeedge and gapguard child safety intrusion barrier. This closes any dangerous gaps which are created through raised obstructions meet the covers edge.

Loop-Loc covers look great to the eye and leave your swimming pool with a quality safe smart finish.


  • Incredible strength, will take the weight of a elephant
  • Fastens tight to floor, allows no gaps around the swimming pool
  • Does not hold any water on top of the cover, allowing water to flow through
  • Will not let sun light shine through and hit the water (so no algae growth)
  • As well as being a safety cover it still provides a elegant designer look 

All safety covers must conform to the standard performance specification set by the american society for testing and materials (ASTM). ASTM say there are certain specifics a cover should have, being able to hold a set weight, to not have any gaps that young children or pets can fit through and to not hold any standing water. Loop-Loc have made sure there safety covers meets and even exceeds the requirements set by ASTM. Loop-Loc is committed to maintaining satisfying customers by keeping there swimming pools safe while still providing a modern designer look.

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