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Lacron Side Mounted Swimming Pool Filter with Multiport Valve & Pressure Gauge


Lacron Sand Filters have been in production for 30 years, we stock the latest Lacron LSR Side Mounted Filters which have been manufactured from the highest grade materials and are pressure tested to 4 bar. If you are looking for a quality Side Mounted Filter this is the Filter for you. The Larger 30" and 42" Filters are suitable for Commercial use and are delivered by freight on a pallet. Freight cost is included in the price

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Lacron LRS Side Mounted Filters


Lacron LRS side mounted filter are made from extremely hard wearing glass reinforced polyester (GRP). These filters are ideal for medium to large amounts of water; they come complete with a large clear lid (204mm) for easy sight view of the inflow diffuser. The tank alone comes with a 5 years warranty and UV corrosion resistant GRP free.


The Lacron LRS Filter also comes complete with a very strong a robust 6-port multiport valve, please find listed below on how each function operates.

FilterThis is the main position that you will be using when the pump is on and circulating. The water is directed through the filter media (i.e. sand/glass) from the top. After filtering dirt and debris it is then directed back the pool through the return lines to your pool.

Backwash – This function allows for the cleaning of the inside of your filter tank. Your filter can hold only so much debris before it starts spitting it back. As a general rule of thumb, you should backwash your filter once a week during the summer season or when the filter pressure rises 8-10 pounds over the clean starting pressure of your system. When backwashing the water, the water forces the debris out of the backwash port where it can be discarded in the correct and safe manor. When backwashing you should keep on backwash until the running water turns clear, this should take 1-2 minutes.

Rinse – This function is used after backwashing to clean plumbing lines and the multi-port valve of any remaining dirt or debris. Rinse will also settle the sand properly to provide a good filter base.

Waste – Sometimes you will need to lower the water level because of heavy rains. The pump will force the water through the valve (bypassing the filter tank for a more direct line) and out the backwash/waste line.

Re-circulate – This function allows for the water to by-pass the filter by just going through the multi-port valve and returning back. You would only use the function when you need to do maintenance/repair to the tank

Closed – Be careful when using this function because this position will not allow any water to flow through the valve. If you are using this function because the system is higher/lower than the water level while performing maintenance, be sure to change the valve back before starting your system.

Winter – Used only when the system is winterized. This position is between two other functions and allows water to flow in all directions. This is used to prevent water being trapped in the valve that could freeze and crack the multi-port valve. This also saves wear and tear on the spider gasket inside the valve. The 30" and 42" filter is a popular choice for commercial applications, this filter needs to be delivered by freight and the additional freight costs are included in the price




The latest Lacron Side Mounted Sand Filters range from 16" tank through to a 42" tank.

The Lacron Filters are side mounted and come with the following:

  • Multiport valve and pressure guage
  • Clear view lid is an impressive 8" which is easy to access and maintain
  • UV Corrosion resistant GRP tank
  • Inflow Diffuser
  • Water Drain
  • Hydraulically balanced laterals
  • 5 year tank warranty 


Filter Model

Tank Diameter 

Valve Size

Media Quantity

Max Flow

Max Pool Size  (m3)





































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