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Kafko DIY In Ground Swimming Pool Panel & Liner


Diy Swimming Pools are becoming a more popular option due to the attractive price and ease of build. The Kafko DIY Xtreme Swimming Pool kits are an attractive easy to build swimming pool. We offer pool build advice can add insullation options on this pool kit. The Kafko DIY pool comes in 4ft & 5ft options. The Panels are Polymer Panels and the pool comes with a high quality liner, fixtures and fittings.

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Building your own DIY swimming pool may be easier than you think!

If you are looking to build your own in-ground swimming pool you will save thousands of pounds in build costs compared to using a pool build company. The problem with building your own pool is finding the right product, which has been designed for a DIY enthusiast. Some of the pool kits available are produced for pool builders who do not require the added detail and complete package a DIY person would need. The Kafko DIY swimming pool kit is packaged so you can build a swimming pool at the fraction of the price. Quality parts and instructions are provided. We also assist with the build through our technical help line, which is available 7 days a week.

Building your own pool gives you greater satisfaction is easier than you imagine and very satisfying when your friends admire the final result. Especially when you tell them how much you saved!!! 

The thought of digging a large hole in your back garden and installing a swimming pool can be a bit daunting! But it may be a lot easier than you may think. Most people believe when building an in ground swimming pool would be a fully tiled concrete pool with huge costs involved, they would be correct! An average cost of a concrete pool starts from £30,000 for a 15ft x 30ft pool size and takes on average 10 weeks to build.

The idea of a Kafko swimming pool is for you to consider purchasing an in ground swimming pool with a lifetime structural guarantee that just looks like a concrete/tiled pools but is far more easier to install (within 10days) and is 50% less of the cost too. One of the great advantages of a kafko swimming pool is the liner will need to be replaced approximately every 7 to 10 years, so therefore every so often your pool will look like a brand new install. If you was fed up or tired of the certain style of your swimming pool you can simply change its appearance by purchasing a new patterned, colour or design liner

Heating a Swimming Pool can be one of the most expensive options in owning a pool. We have a number of low running cost heating systems that can provide warm water for the summer, extended summer of all year round at a fraction of the cost traditional heating systems cost to run. We also supply XPS insulation boards which is an extruded Polystyrene closed cell board. XPS insulation boards will reduce your heat loss and therefore drastically reduce you heating overheads. For information on what heating system maybe suitable for you call us on 01322554870

The Kafko in-ground swimming pool kit consists of the following

  1. 48" Panel Set - easy to fit together, providing a tough solid and smooth structure for your pool. This is really important especially having a smooth surface for the liner to fit against.
  2. Aluminium Coping Set, which allows you to tile or deck closer to the pool than if you used traditional coping, the finish is much cleaner and smarter with less maintenance problems standard coping gives.
  3. Inlets and Skimmers - the number of inlets and skimmer provided will depend on the size of your pool
  4. 20thou Patterned Liner - quality liner is provided on this pool, options available for upgrade on the thickness and style of liner to suit your taste
  5. Pump / Filtration package - quality quiet running pump and sand filter provided, the size of the pump and filter is determined by the pool size.
  6. Filtration media - standard sand media is provided, upgrade on glass or micro-fine advanced filter media is available
  7. Maintenance Kit and Chemical Starter Kit. All the necessary items you will need to ensure your Kafko pool is clean and properly sanitised. Other options are available on pool maintenance, sometimes it is best to use what is provided in this package before looking at automatic or robotic cleaners but if you are interested in this type of product we have some excellent products to recommend
  8. 3 Tread Ladder - Stainless Steel ladder
  9. Plumbing Kit - Hard pipe plumbing kit is provided with all the necessary fixings. If you require your pump/filtration to be based some distance from the pool we can provide additional pipe work


The Kafko DIY swimming pool depth can be either 4ft or 5ft deep. The 4ft deep swimming pool has a flat bottom and is all one depth and the 5ft deep Kafko DIY swimming pool has a “hopper” bottom.

An in-depth installation guide will be sent out when you order your Kafko Outdoor swimming pool kit.


7 Day Installation Guide

Dig a 4’ depth rectangle with 2’ radius corners


Installation of pool panels and bracing

Install Aluminium Coping and apply bottom concrete ringbeam

Apply swimming pool floor screed

Install swimming pool liner, add the water & commence backfilling

Lay top concrete ringbeam

Connect up filtration unit and enjoy!

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