Kafko DIY 48" X-Treme Polymer Pool with XPS Thermal Boards


The Kafko X-Treme is a professional or DIY swimming Pool designed to meet indoor and outdoor building regulations. Homeowners are building their own Inground Swimming Pools due to the attractive price and ease of build. The Kafko X-Treme DIY kits are ideal for an indoor use, as we have added to this particular DIY, XPS thermal boarding. The extruded thermal panels pass part ā€˜Lā€™ building regulations a legal requirement now for indoors builds. If you are building indoors then our X-treme polymer panells are is a must.

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Kafko 48” DIY X-treme InGround for Indoors or Outdoors

We have put together a DIY package designed for an indoor pool, when building indoors there are many requirements and building regulations you need to take into consideration. By Law it will need to be insulated and comply with part L Insulation requirements, which the X-treme polymer panel with XPS thermal boarding does!

If building outdoors, using XPS Thermal Boarding will make a dramatic difference to your heating costs and heat retention, there are no legal requirements as yet but it makes 100% sense to use insulation irrespective of whether its indoors or outdoors. When you use insulation with a high grade heat retention cover the cost savings are huge, also unless you have a great heat recovery system with dehumidifier the diffenrence in air humidity is dramatic.

As mentioned above, Indoor builds will need to be insulated and covered to reduce heat loss, save energy and avoid the massive amount of humidity that can be produced. If not dealt with the moisture accumulate inside the poolroom can cause structural damage to the building materials. It can initialise chemical changes that can result in metal rusting; wood rotting and formation of moulds and other unhealthy substances can build up.  

Part L building regulations - Conservation of fuel and power, require indoor builds to be correctly insulated, if you would like to discuss the requirements in more detail please call us on 01322 554 870 and speak to one of our technical advisers. 

Good quality covers are just as important to an indoor build compared to those that are outside, this will reduce the dehumidification in the room and will also reduce the work rate of a dehumidifier which will result in cheaper running costs. Being indoors the maintenance is far easier as there is less debris compared to an outdoors Kafko.  LED lights, either while or coloured with remote control will set the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere within your own home.


XPS Thermal Board (Insulation)

The XPS thermal boarding is an extruded polystyrene closed cell boards (XPS). The boards are 1250 x 600 x 800mm will enable you to obtain absolute minimal heat loss through the wall and floor. Simple to install by simply filling the spaces of the polymer panels and this will also save you vast amounts of money on various energy cost. Do not be tempted to use cheaper alternatives under floor insulation such as EPS, Jablite, Polyurethane, Polystyrene or any similar products as these absorb water and will have adverse effect on retaining heat in your pool. We can also Cut polymer Panel prior to delivery with customer jig to enable skimmer, light fittings to be installed with ease.


Sizing Chart Flat Bottom:

Pool Size

XPS Packs Required (inc Cuts)

Add for Floor Area

20 x 12’



24 x 12’



28 x 12’



30 x 14’







Sizing Chart for Other Floor & Wall Surface area SQM

Standard Hopper sqm

Floor Area sqm

Wall Area sqm

10 x 20’



24 x 12’



28 x 14’



30 x 15’



32 x 16’



36 x 18’



40 x 20’





48” Kafko X-treme DIY pool kits contain:

·         Kafko DIY Kits consists of a 48” depth polymer   panel wall system with polymer bracing every 4’,

·         XPS Thermal Boards

      Aluminium Coping set

·         Inlet and Outlets

·         Skimmers

·         20g Pattern Liner

·         Power Pump and filter with media

·         Maintenance & Chemical Kits

·         3-Tread Stainless Steel Ladder

·         Plumbing Kit

Optional Upgrades:

·         Kafko Step Units

·         LED Lights

·         Heat Pump

·         Solar Cover / Retention Cover


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