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Jandy LRZ Gas Heater


The LRZ Gas Swimming Pool Heater are now discontinued, as are the Jandy Lites 2. For new builds or replacing you pool gas heater we can offer the latest 2014 Mastertemp gas heater from Pentair or the Certikin Gas Heater. Both are available in natural or propane.

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LRZ  Jandy gas heaters, can be run on natural gas or propane. Gas heaters are an excellent way to heat any size pool in a short period of time. Zodiac Legacy Range gas heaters are a highly efficient way to heat large volumes of water. The LRZ heaters are rated as their output power, known as BTU’s (British Thermal Unit)  which is measured  as 1 BTU will heat 1ld of water by 1 degree. This means that the higher the BTU output of the gas heater the quicker it will heat your swimming pool.

It is important that you select the right BTU rating for your gas heater, as swimming pools come in all manner of shapes and sizes and located in different climates it is important that your heater is not under rated, there is no such thing as over rating your pool heater. The larger the heater the quicker the pool heats therefore less run time.


·         Indoor,  outdoor use

·         Millivolt operation

·         Ceramic fibre combustion chamber for light weight compact design

·         Copper heat exchange with Flow Through Baffles for optimum heating

·         Stainless steel corrosion free burners


Avoiding Problems with your pool heater

Swimming pool heaters are a necessary addition to any pool in the UK, due to their ability to warm the water and making your pool a more inviting place to be.  By following these next simple rules will allow you to enjoy your pool for years to come.

·         Size the pool heater appropriately. Remember that your heater can never be to big, but if you under size it, you will end up regretting it.

·         Your PH level is important to keep neutral, as to low can course corrosion and to high will cause mineral deposits that can clog water flow through heaters.

·         Water flow is important for keeping your heater working as efficiently as possible.

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