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Insulated Blokit Inground Swimming Pool


The Blokit system enables you to build your swimming pool to any shape or size. As Blockit is made from polystyrene you get a great smooth finish which is fully insulated once the concrete is poured in between the blokits. This is a great Pool Kit if you are looking to build your own pool or have one built for you, we offer pool build advise, a pool build service and energy saving guidence on insulation and heating. If you would like to speak to one of our engineers or arrange a site visit regarding the Blokit pool system call us on 01322554870

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Blokit Swimming Pools – The Blokit Inground swimming pool kits offer a complete package including insulation which will reduce your heating costs. Blokit system pools have two layers of insulation, one between water area and concrete and the other between the wall and the swimming pool base floor. This creates a “thermos” effect that helps keeps the water warm.

There is no need to excavate a further metre around the pool as you would with a traditional build and this results in reduced build cost, less removal of spoil, reduced impact on you garden and less time to wait before laying decking etc. The pool steps are built into the main structure of the pool which reinforces its mechanical strength. 

The advantages of having a blokit system pool are simple

Handling – The polystyrene blocks are light and easy to handle and fit together which means you can create any pool shape to your desire. The easy blokit system will also let you or your pool builder to proceed with his work more quickly saving time and money 

Dispatch – When buying an Inground swimming pool kit you would usually buy huge panels or even a one piece pool, the carriage cost of delivering these pools can almost cost as much as the pool in some cases. With the blokit system we can transport the kits on pallets at a fraction of the price

Insulation – One of the biggest mistakes made when building a pool is incorrectly insulating it, lack of insulation will affect long term running costs and is difficult to retro fix. Blokit swimming pools have two layers of installation which will retain the warm water in your pool dramatically reducing running costs.

Finish – You can opt for the standard pool iner on this package or we can offer our Aqua Bright Eco Pool Finish. Aqua Bright is a dry powder that is Pneumatically applied to produce a thermal plactic coat on the pool. This finish is tougher and more durable and comes with a 10 year warranty.


We can tailor make packages including heating options for both indoor and outdoor pools. Our engineers are on hand to discuss what package best suits your requirements so do not hesitate to call us 01322554870 to discuss what we can do for you.



 Insulated Blokit kits come as standard:

  • Blokit Blocks
  • Aqua liner 0.8mm or Super liner Patterned
  • Aluminium Liner Lock
  • Protective Underlay
  • Powerful Filtration Combo Set
  • One SL-119 Skimmer and Two Returns Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Chemical Starter Kit  

After purchasing a blokit system package you can then upgrade the packages by adding the following items listed below, or you may not need all items listed as standard so we can offer your own unique quote.

Heatpumps – When heating a swimming pool for summer use we would always recommended a heatpump purely because of ease to use and handle and the running costs are minimal compared to gas or electricity. Heatpump can be set to your requirement whether it is on a timer or thermostat and are also capable of heating your blokit pool ALL YEAR ROUND if required. In our packages we offer both, seasonal heatpump or All year round heatpump and with a blokit pool fully insulated it will retain far better then other inground pools.


Running Costs


Running costs per Hour













Heat Pump Kw

Running Costs Per Hour













As you can see from the chart above just the running cost alone can save you massive amounts of money in the long term. If you was to add a 500micron solar cover to this pool this will reduce the running cost as the heat in your pool will be generated by the sun which is free heating source and the 500micron thickness will trap the heat in the pool water. For a heat pump package with blokit system inground pool please call our sales team on 01474853863 or via email on our contact page


LED Lights – LED lights are a great way of illuminate a swimming pool, The Certikin LED light is an environmentally friendly and will last up to 100’000 hours. It uses 80% less power than the traditional underwater light thus reducing both maintenance and running costs. It’s is available in either white light or an automatic colour sequencing can be used to create a range of different effects.


Top Rail Finish – When purchasing a blokit system pool you may need to take into account of your top rail finish as this is not supplied in the package, we leave this out as we prefer to let you the customer decide on how you would like your own swimming pool finished, we can advise on whether standard coping or your own bespoke design.  


Full Build Instructions are available Via Email

Blokit 1, 1, Concrete Base - 2, Welded Steel Mesh - 3, Vertical Steel Bars - 4, Horizontal Steel Bars - 5, Anti Bacteria- Underlay - 6, Blokit Shutter Blocks - 7, Corner Protection - 8, Wall Protection - 9, Linerlock Rail - 10, Waterproof Liner - 11, Coping Stones  



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