Igloo II Above Ground Slatted Cover


The Igloo II combines effective AND reliable protection for all the pool-using family, without compromising its stunning aesthetics. Each cover is designed to follow the contour of your swimming pool seamlessly; you can even customise the cover with a choice of 3 neutral colours (White, Beige and Grey) to best-suit your pool environment.

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The Igloo II is an above-ground automatic pool cover, housed in a durable and robust anti-UV PVC structure that can be effortlessly integrated into your pool surround. The Igloo II has its own exclusive anti-tilt mechanism fitted, with an anti-deflections system that blocks the slats, preventing them from tilting more that 15° towards the bottom. This is the smallest angle of deflection of any slat cover available on the market. This reliable, patented mechanism makes-for an increased load bearing capacity of the cover, and therefore guarantees far superior protection for you and your family!


When choosing an Igloo cover for your swimming pool, there are many customisable features; so please do not hesitate to call our sales team on the number located at the top of the screen, and ask for a quote over the telephone or via email.  


The Igloo II cover with enclosure is the most contemporary and the most elegant slatted cover on the market today: strong, robust and very durable. There are countless advantages to having a slatted pool cover in place of other types of cover, the most prominent of these advantages being:


Purer Water

The Igloo II cover has an opacity coefficient that inhibits photosynthesis and therefore prevents the growth of algae. This results in your swimming pool being cleaner, which will economise on both time spent having to filter the water, AND the cost of water treatment products.


Heat Retention

The Igloo II cover shelters your pool against the harsher nights and any cold, gusty winds. This means you can open your pool for the season earlier in the year and extend it well into autumn. Not only that, the heat generated in your pool is being locked inside rather than allowing convection to the outside air, which will of-course reduce running costs dramatically.


Easy to use

The Igloo II cover comes with a key-operated switch, normally mounted near the pool and out of the reach of children, which controls operation of the slatted cover. This feature allows the user to make very sure that the pool is clear while the cover is in motion.

Traditionally, the removal of a pool cover is a major headache especially with manual wind-on reel systems which, on larger pools, can easily damage the cover itself through inability to support the sheer weight of the cover. Well not any more! With a simple turn of a key, your cover could be fully retracted in a matter of seconds.

  • The solid and durable housing protects the cover apron
  •  The Aluminium axle measures 150mm in diameter
  • The housing structure comes in a choice of white, beige or grey PVC slats 32mm wide.
  • Lateral protective covers provided for the bearings and motor
  • Complies with current French safety standards (NF P 90-308)
  • The Maximum size of an igloo II cover is 6.09m x 12m (Including the steps piece.)
  • Acts as both a heat retention and safety cover
  • White, beige and grey PVC Slats available
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Easy To Use
  • 5 Year Guarantee
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