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HydroPro Swimming Pool Heat Pump


Hydropro Heat Pumps are held in-stock for fast delivery. Latest models now have high quality ABS casing and operate at and low working tempretures which means that the Hydropro Heat Pump will reduce your running costs, saving up to 80% on your swimming pool heating bills compared to electric heater or gas pool heaters. These Heaters will operate down to as low as -5 degrees!! In stock and fast next Day delivery. Call for details on our installation service Call for details on our price match service. Our Heat Pump prices included VAT and delivery so no hidden extras.

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New ABS Casing on Hydropro Heat pumps. For the correct information on which heat pump you need, it is always best to contact us first on 01322554870.

Our HydroPro range are one of the most versatile heat pumps available in the UK. The working temperature of a heat pump sometimes limits its use but with the Hydropro you have a heat pump that will continue to work to temperatures as low as –5 degrees. You may not want to heat your pool in low temperatures but having a heating system that will not freeze up or cut off at 10 or 5 degrees is a massive plus, especially in the early and late swimming pool season (April and October) when mornings may be cooler but afternoons are sunny and warm. Its far better to have your pool heated and ready to use when the warm weather arrives than to only be able to heat the pool when the weather is warm!

As with most heat pumps the HydroPro heater must be installed outside, indoor heatpumps are available. The HydroPro Heat Pumps will heat a Swimming Pool from April through to October but if you require a longer season we also have an Inverter range that operate as low as -10 degrees. Choosing the right size of heater for your pool is essential; we can offer guidance on which size is ideal for your size pool. This does not just relate to the pool size, it is also important to tailor the heater to your requirements. Our engineers also offer an installation service or free advise over the phone on how best to install the heat pump.

Using a HydroPro Heat Pump compared to other forms of Swimming Pool Heating can save you a massive 80% on your heating bills. We have these heaters in stock and can offer a next working day delivery service.

  1. Please note that we only stock the latest HydroPro Heat Pump models
  2. HydroPro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are covered by a comprensive 2 Year Parts & labour Warranty
  3. Extra year warranty is available on this heat pump
  4. Installation service is available

Please note that the 22kw is available in both single and 3 phase


Specification for the Hydropro swimming pool heat pumps are as follows, if you are looking to extend the season further call one of your experts to discuss which heater is best for your swimming pool.

Hydropro 7 heat pump: L/W/H 950/360/580 54KG  /max pool volume 22m3

HydroPro 10 heat pump: L/W/H 1010/370/615 63KG  /max pool volume 33m3 

HydroPro 13 heat pump:  L/W/H 1110/470/680 99KG  /max pool volume 40m3

HydroPro 18 heat pump:  L/W/H 660/660/860 108KG  /max pool volume 50m3

HydroPro 22 heat pump:  L/W/H 660/660/960 111KG  /max pool volume 75m3

HydroPro 22 heat pump;  L/W/H 660/660/960 111KG  /max pool volume 75m3

HydroPro 26 heat pump:  L/W/H 660/660/960 112KG  /max pool volume 85m3

HydroPro Heat Pumps Sizing Guidelines For Above Ground Pools

Pool Size




15' Diameter



Hydropro 7 

18' Diameter



Hydropro 10 

19' x 12'



Hydropro 13

23’ x 12’



Hydropro 18 


HydroPro Heat Pumps Sizing Guidelines For Inground Pools

Pool Size




20'  x 10'



Hydropro 13

28'  x 14'




30'  x 15'



Hydropro 22

32'  x 16'



Hydropro 26



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