Hydro-Pro Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump - All Year Round

Hydro-Pro Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump - All Year Round - Ideal for Indoor Pools

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As technology has advanced heating your swimming pool has become simpler and more cost effective. With the arrival of the Hydro-Pro Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps it is now possible to heat your pool for 52 weeks of the Year, both effectively and efficiently.

The Hydropro Inverter Heat Pumps are fitted with an automatic defrost and the ability to work down to -5 C, allowing 12 month heating of your indoor pool. With three settings, 'Power', 'Smart' & 'Silent' allowing you to adjust the output to suit weather conditions, saving you up to 30% in running costs, you will find the Hydropro Inverter Heat Pumps will suit your needs perfectly.

Offering an admirable C.O.P. of up to 7.6, lifting them into the very best of swimming pool heat pumps, the Hydro-Pro Inverter All Year models also have a very attractive Stainless Steel Black Coated Cabinet. Not only a much more attractive and expensive look than standard heat pumps, but cheaper to run too.

To size your Hydro-Pro Inverter heat pump correctly please call us on 01322 554 870 as there are a number of factors we need to be taken into account before we can correctly advise which model you will need. These will include pool size, hours used per day, preferred water temperature, solar cover thickness and whether the pool is insulated.

Sizing an all year round heat pump uses different parameters than a standard model, so calling us before ordering is essential.

  • Hydropro Inverter "All Year Round" Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • Suitable For Indoor Pools
  • Automatically Adjusts Heating To Suit Weather Conditions
  • Power/ Smart / Silent Modes Will Reduce Energy Costs
  • C.O.P. Up To 7.6
  • "All Seasons" - "52 Week Use" - "All Year Round"
  • 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • LCD Display Microprocessor Controlled Functions
  • Low Noise Rotary Compresor & Fan Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Automatic Defrost - For Colder Weather
  • R410A Gas
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