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Heatsaver swimming pool liquid cover will make unquestionable energy saving benefits for your indoor or outdoor swimming pool without having to strain a muscle. The heatsavr liquid cover is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also takes away those costly items such as a reel system and even upgrading your solar cover blanket every 2-4 years. Heatsavr is a biodegradable liquid, which forms a transparent monomolecular layer over the surface of any shape or size swimming pool/spa whenever it is calm. This layer significantly reduces water evaporation and on indoor pools can reduce the cost of humidity control and air heating requirements which is huge.

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For many years scientists have known that a one monolayer thick spread across the surface of a liquid can dramatically reduce evaporation and energy loss. Many companies attempted to develop a technology but failed until Heatsavr developed their patented solution. The Heatsavr Liquid Cover was first introduced to the US market over 12 years ago, no other company had been able to make a monolayer spread reliably and inexpensively or to regroup effectively after the water had been disturbed. In a simple term the Heatsavr is a mixture of carefully chosen ingredients which are lighter than water and which automatically float to the surface. The particle of the liquid are attracted to each other so that they always try to form a perfect very thin layer over the whole pool surface no matter what size of shape of the swimming pool and does so rapidly. Unlike a conventional pool cover which has to be removed from the pool for swimming, Heatsavr breaks apart whenever the water is disturbed but the monolayer reforms whenever the water becomes calm again. Consequently Heatsavr adjusts perfectly to changing activity levels in the pool throughout the day. A variable and flexible cover that automatically works whenever and wherever the pool surface is calm.


The Heatsavr Solution has to be added to the pool water on a daily basis to maintain its effectiveness this is because Heatsavr solution breaks down on approximately every 2.5days.The standard dose rate for pools maintained at normal swimming temperatures is between 0.8 and 1 ml per m², however the Heatsavr bio-degrade faster at higher temperatures so for spas/hot tubs and higher temperature hydrotherapy pools the optimum dose rate may increased up to 4 ml per m² of water. A Heatsavr Automatic Dosing System can easily and inexpensive be to installed which will provide a reliable, accurate and a trouble free method of ensuring that the pool/spa benefits from the maximum energy savings possible.

Recommended Dosing Rates

Freeboard Pools (28-30°C) - 0.8ml/m2/day

Deck Level Pools (28-30°C) - 1.0ml/m2/day

Spa & Hydrotherapy Pools 35-36°C up to 5.0ml/m2/day


All Spare and advise on dosing system on demand, please contact us via our contact page

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