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Hayward Salt & Swim 3C


Hayward Salt & Swim is a salt chlorination system ideal for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals such as chlorine and who want to spend less time managing their chlorine levels. Latest models come in two sizes for pools upto 75,000 litres (75m3) and pools up to 110,000 litres (110m3) continuously without the need to handle chemicals and inexpensive maintenance which makes your leisure time a pleasure time. Latest model includes pool cover detection and chlorine generation adjustment

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Latest Hayward salt & Swim now in stock - available in two sizes with new features including chlorine adjustment technology.  Available for pools upto 75cm and 110cm the Hayward Salt and Swim 3C cell has the power to save you 50% on annual chlorine costs by automatically converting ordinary salt into 100% pure available chlorine – right at your poolside. It’s not only incredibly cost-effective, it’s brilliantly time-efficient. Think about it: no more mixing or measuring or messing around with chlorine. No more lifting heavy buckets and jugs. No more regular trips to the store. And, the comparisons are astounding. One Hayward Salt and Swim 3C salt cell equals 102kg (225 lbs) of Trichlor, or 208 gallons (787L) of liquid chlorine. Never before has something so little done so much more to sanitize your pool and reduce your expenses.

With so much on offer and gain from one simple unit it’s no wonder why salt water pools are taking over the industry. Make the change and do away with all the time-consuming measuring of chemicals and frequent trips to your local pool store and prevent harsh chlorinated pools and irritant eyes with just a simple affordable change.

Salt & Swim 3C is Hayward’s entry level, DIY-friendly salt chlorinator that delivers the 3Cs of salt chlorination - Comfort, Convenience, and Cost Savings you'll love.

You'll get the unimaginable Comfort of silky soft water, that won't turn eyes red. It’s a more natural approach to chlorination which also eliminates the harsh chlorine odour associated with factory produced chlorine.

COMFORT - The amazing benefit of salt chlorination is that it automatically delivers a more natural approach to chlorinating your pool. Imagine the comfort of soft silky water that won’t turn your eyes red, dry out your skin and hair, or bleach clothing and toys. Better still, salt chlorination eliminates that harsh chlorine odour associated with factory-produced chlorine. Your unbeatable, luxurious, goggle-free experience awaits.

CONVENIENCE - Finally – no more mixing, measuring, dispensing, and lugging heavy jugs or buckets of chlorine. Convenience is what you get with salt chlorination. Sanitizing your pool happens automatically by converting ordinary salt into chlorine! Day in, day out, you save yourself both labour and maintenance time, which means more time for you to relax and enjoy your pool.


·         New Function, detects when pool cover is shut

·         The more affordable premium salt chlorinator

·         Easily installed in under 20minutes


·         Detects when pool cover is shut, thereby limiting the amount of chlorine produced and so reducing the risk of excess chlorine

·         Chlorine setting allows to have finer output adjustment

·         Super chlorinate function responds to specific need of disinfection (Peak attendance, renewal major water) This function automatically turns off to return to the original setting, no risk in case of forgetting,

·         Temperature probe and integrated magnetic flow switch #






Max Pool Size



Chlorine Production

15g/hr @ 3,p/l of Salt

22g/hr @ 3,0/l of Salt

Cell Item Code



Minimum Flow Rate

5m3 per hour

5m3 per hour


50mm Solvent Weld or Compression Unions

50mm Solvent Weld or Compression Unions

Flow Switch

Integrated Magnetic Flow Switch

Integrated Magnetic Flow Switch

Cell’s  Orientation

Horizontal, Vertical or Incline

Horizontal, Vertical or Incline

Super chlorinating



Low Temp Cut off



Detects when cover is shut



Easy Install




1 Year

1 Year


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