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Genie Condensing Boiler for Swimming Pools


The Genie Condensing boiler is made by Certikin and is the worlds only condensing boiler. The Genie Condensing boiler offers 94% efficency compared to standard swimming pool gas heaters that offer between 60% and 80%. There are two sizes in the Genie range, the Genie 35 is suitable for pools upto and including 9,000 gallons and the Genie 50 for larger pools. One of the advantages this pool heater has compared to ther types is that it can also be wall mounted. For further information please call or email us. In stock and available for next day delivery.

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Reduce you swimming pool gas heating running costs by 35%! With the price of gas on the rise we are seeing a significant amount of customers moving away from gas heaters, but the down side pool owners are taking with the alternative options such as heat pumps means that they are not being able to heat their pools as quickly as before. The Genie Condensing Boiler is an energy efficient heating system for your swimming pool and will perform to the standard you need to provide quick warm water to your pool.

The Genie is compatable for all styles of pool including salt water. This heater comes with natural and propane gas options. 

Typically, older types of swimming pool gas heaters only achieve efficiencies of 60%. That means your Genie condensing boiler will use 35% less energy to deliver hot water to your swimming pool. This is how a condensing boiler can save as much as 35p in every £1 you spend on energy. This can amount to a saving of over £400 on your annual swimming pool heating bill.

Being lightweight this heater can also be wall mounted which is ideal when space is a priority. The Genie is also super quiet. Using a fully modulated fan and gas valve the Genie provides a clean burn every time ensuring that the heat generated goes to your swimming pool and not into the air.

Reliability is obviously an important factor when chosing a gas heater for your pool. This unit uses Honeywell controls and all other electrical and mechanical parts are sourced from industry leading firms.

The Genie Condensing Boiler is easy to use and additional features such as a lockable tempreture control dial which means you will have full control over the water tempreture.

If you have any questions regarding this swimming pool heater please call us on 01474 853 863 or email and one of our engineers will be more than happy to help.

  • Available in 36kW (123,000 btu) and 49kW (167,000 btu) outputs
  • Only one unit to stock for either natural or LPG - supplied natural gas with a conversion kit to LPG included
  • Tamper proof lockable pool temperature display in C or F
  • Up to 94% condensing efficiency - equivalent to Sedbuk A
  • Running cost reduced by up to 30%
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Modulating output for accurate temperature control and increased efficiency
  • IP44 for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Quiet running
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Pool connection left to right OR right to left
  • Simple condensate disposal connections left or right hand side
  • Pre-plumbed c/w a double non-return valve and filling loop
  • Plastic flue kits, push fit horizontal and/or vertical up to 20m
  • Honeywell CVI controls
  • Muliple heater kit options up to 400kW output (8 heaters)
  • CCP pool control panel compatible
  • Wall mounting kit available
  • Commissioning / diagnostic display with service indicator (2000 hrs run time)
  • Suitable for use with salt chlorinated pools
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