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Garden Pac Inverter Heat Pumps operate to-7 degrees and at 26 degrees can offer a COP of upto 15. These Invertech heat pumps can offer a genuine all season or extended season heating system. Ultra quiet twin Mitsubushi compressor is upto 10 times quiter than a standard heat pump. Heat Pumps last a long time so it is important to select the right heating system. Garden Pac Invertech offer more than most and if correctly sized will provide years of cheap pool heating

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Garden Pac Invertech Heat Pumps work at low air temperatures and offer amazing cop at higher air temperatures allowing you to operate you pool far longer during the season than a traditional heat pump. If you have adequate heat retention and the heat pump is correctly sized for the season you want, you can even have the pool heated throughout the year. The Inverter Garden Pac Heat Pumps come with a Camo Green ABS cabinet to protect it from UK weather conditions and with the ABS Cabinet in green this air source heater looks better than other traditional off white colour units which do not fit with the pool surroundings. The Camo green is just enough to take away the glare and blend into the garden environment, the free of charge winter cover also comes in a camo green so can be hidden all year round.

The Garden Pac Invertech works down as low as -7° degree Celsius but are designed to operate at their best when the air temperature is above 15 degrees, providing a cop of upto 15 with air temp of 26 degrees. With any heat pump, installing the unit will draw the warm ambient air temperature and blows its waste horizontally from its fan, so you will need to bear in mind the waste cold air, as you do not want this blowing across your swimming pool surface or rebounding of obstacles and coming back towards the heat pump.  

The latest Garden Pac Heat Pump has twin Mitsubishi DC inverter compressor making it 10 times more quite than standard heat pumps and the heating priority which you find in the specification page along with the performance results in tried and tested condition from SCP. If the Garden Pack heat Pump is installed within the manufactures guidelines and the pool is covered when not in use, you can make heating your swimming pool very cost effective compared to the traditional method of electric, gas and oil.

The Garden Pac Invertech is an ideal heat pump for swimmers who want to swim during an extended summer season- approximately March to October, although the heat pump works down to -7° degree the heat pump will take longer to get to the required temperature at this ambient air temperature. The Garden Pac Range are one of the most versatile heat pumps available in the UK. The working temperature of a heat pump sometimes limits its use but with the exclusive Garden Pac you have a heat pump that will continue to work to temperatures as low as -7° degrees. You may not want to heat your pool in low temperatures but having a heating system that will not freeze up or cut off at 10° or 5° degrees is a massive plus, especially in the early and late swimming pool season such as April and October when mornings may be cooler but afternoons are sunny and warm. It’s far better to have your pool heated and ready to use when the warm weather arrives than to only be able to heat the pool when the weather is warm.


Garden Pac Inverter Heat Pumps have the following features

  • Insulated Compressor
  • High COP
  • Energy Effecient
  • Soft start on a models
  • Operates down to -7 degrees 
  • Can be safely used on both low and high flow rate systems
  • Simple Operation
  • Digital Control for Increased Accuracy
  • R410A
  • Titanium Heat exchanger
  • 7 years Compressor Warranty
  •  2 Years Parts Warranty




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