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Emaux SSC Salt Chlorinator

SSC Salt Chlorinator for Swimming Pools up 75 cubic meters. High quality salt system that offers an alternative means to sanitize you swimming pool water. Salt Chlorinators offer a therapeutic system that does not irratate your eyes or dry your skin. Easy to install, two sizes available

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Salt Chlorinator for swimming pools upto 75 cubic meters. The EMAUX Salt system offers an alternatice to using harsh chemicals. Significantly more pool owners in Australia and USA use Salt systems compared to the UK because of the ease of use and health benefits. Using Salt in a pool with a salt chlorinator the salt passes through the cells of the chlorinator where the electroysis process takes place converting the salt into a chlorine gas. When dissolved in water, this becomes sodium hypochlorite.

Easy to install,the EMAUX system will make maintaing your swimming pool more simple while providing clean, safe, crystal clear water


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