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Elecro Generation 2 Titanium Heat Exchangers


The Elecro Generation 2 is a robust and durable design, most efficient and reliable compared to all other branded heat exchanger on the market today. Elecro have manufactured 38 titanium tubes inside the unit so it can withstand salt water applications and has a 316 stainless steel shell with special polyamide fittings

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The Elecro Generation has been designed for the user to select which way the primary and secondary water is to be plumbed to achieve maximum heat potential. This is achieved by turning the primary hot water flow in an opposing direction to the secondary cold water.

The Elecro heat exchanger operates via the primary hot water travelling through the titanium tubes inside one way and the secondary pool water travels the opposite way contacting the hot tubes on its way through, this is repeated and over a period of time will cause the secondary pool water to heat up. The elecro is easy to use and install with its 1.5” connections for rigid pipe to be solvent welded into and then can be unscrewed for maintenance work if needed, ideal for indoor and outdoor swimming pools and great for chlorinated and salt water application too. 


  • Robust, Durable contraction
  • Wall Mountable (Bracket supplied)
  • 316 Stainless Steel shell with special polyimide fittings
  • 38 piece Titanium internal tube bundle
  • For indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Thermostat Pocket
  • Solvent weld unions for connections to rigid pipe
  • 1.5” connections
  • Suitable for salt chlorinated and solar heated swimming pools

The Elecro G2 heat exchanger has been designed to allow a very simple and easy to fit upgrade kit that incorporates a thermostat control system. The equipped kits are suitable for any of the G2 power outputs and can be retro fitted if required.


There are two thermostat control options


The sophisticated digital control thermostat that displays the current water temperature with a 0.5°C differential, feature a priority heating function that allows the unit to control the circulation pump and visual no flow alarm


Or the simpler “set and forget” analogue control thermostat with a 1.5° differential.


The Equipped kits are supplied complete with the following


Digital Kit

Digital control thermostat

Grundfos booster pump

Flow switch (with gold tipped reed switch)

1” female/female brass fitting

NTC Temperature sensor


Analogue Kit

Analogue control thermostat

Grundfos Booster Pump

Flow switch (with gold tipped reed switch)

1” female/female brass fitting


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