Digi-heat Electric Pool Heater by Waterco


Waterco is the brand leader in Swimming Pool Heating and Filtration, the Digi-heat Electric Heaters are have been built to last. These versatile units have a digital temperature management system and self-diagnosis. The Waterco Electric Heaters can be used in both fresh and salt water pools. Electric Pool Heaters are more expensive to run than other types of pool heater but the capital outlay is much lower. If you are looking for this type of heater then the Waterco unit offers far more than its competitors.

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Electric Heaters for swimming pools are ideal if you want your pool heated up quickly, they are not the most energy efficient compared to other types of heaters but they are more effective in heating a pool and far cheaper in terms of capital outlay.

These heaters can also be used in conjunction with other type of heater that may not be as effective in cooler conditions, supplementing an existing system with a high performing electric heater such as the waterco is becoming more popular, especially with customers who have switched to solar or heat pumps to heat their pools

If you are looking to buy an electric heater for your swimming pool our Waterco Digi-heat is a quality unit that has been made to last, this heater is ideal for both salt and freshwater swimming pools and is corrosion resistant with a 'Polymer Coating'. The Digi-heat has a streamline weather proof housing and comes with a two year warranty. The digital temperature controls and self-diagnosis provides means that this heater is easy to use and control. This is an in-line heater and comes in a range of sizes from 2.4kw through to 24kw. If you require further information on this heater please email or call us on 01474 853 863

Waterco Digi-heat electric heaters range from 2.4kw to 24kw and have the following specification:

  1. Warranty on these heaters is 2 years
  2. Digital temperature management and self diagnosis
  3. These units are suitable for salt water swimming pools
  4. Streamline weather proof housing
  5. Powerful heat transfer
  6. CE Approved
  7. Complies with EN60335.260 and AS3136/NZS6232

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