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Cove Impulse Hot Tub


Cove Impulse replaces the Cove 110. Great 4 person Hot Tub with 14 jets, light and a 2hp pump. The Cove Impulse Hot Tub comes in a permawood teak coloured cabinet and is an affordable Spa with high performance pump and also fits 5 people for all the family to enjoy!

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Cove Impulse HotTub is beautifully crafted in the states by Nordic Spas, The Cove was previously called the C110, the new impulse has an extra jet and comes in permawood teak coloured cabinet has a Dual Therapy system which is exclusive to Nordic spas that combines high flow of water movement in a circular motion. All this at an affordable price which can be enjoyed by the whole family and friends.


Cove Spa Impulse


  •  Dimensions 78.5” x 31”
  • Jets 14
  • Lighting Standard
  • Capacity 225 gallons
  • Dry Weight 285 lbs
  • Electrical 50hz/240V
  • Pump Performance 2.0HP
  • Pump 180 GPM
  • DTS Whirlpool Therapy
  • 4 Person


What You Need To Do when Purchasing A Cove Spa


When looking to purchase a Cove Spa, it is important that you are sure of the location where you are thinking of putting your Cove Spa. There are also a lot of other things that need to be considered which you can read below. If for instance a crane is required then, contact us direct for estimates.


Steps to take before purchasing:

1. Spa Base

2 Positioning

3. Access to Site

4 Electrical Supply

5 Safety Consideration

6 Water Supply



As you can imagine, a Cove Spa is a heavy object empty and about three times as heavy when filled. Therefore it is important that the hot tub is sited on solid foundations. If using concrete for a base material it should be at least 4” thick and decking should be a minimum of 50mm x 150mm spacing at a maximum 400mm.

If you are unsure of the stability of the foundation, then it is advised that you approach a professional contractor. If the foundation were to move when the Cove Spa is filled, it may put excessive pressure on the structure causing it to fail, which would invalidate any Cove Spa warranty on the hot tub.

Positioning Your Cove Spa

Some things to consider when positioning your Cove Spa include the following:

Is it close to where you are going to get changed? A long chilly walk to the tub might be a bit off-putting!

Is it safe for young children? Can you see what they are up to?

Is it overlooked? You might not feel able to relax if you feel conscious of the fact that your neighbors’ might be watching you!

Is there a clean path from the changing area to the Cove Spa? Grass and debris from the users' feet will get transferred into the water if not.

Is it sheltered from the wind?

Is there a pleasant view?

is there a slope on the base?  Even a slight slope will mean that one side of your tub will have deeper water in it that the other. 

It is a good idea to outline the Cove Spa’s proposed location using a garden hose or rope. This will help you visualise your plan for the area.


Access to Site

It is important that you are aware of all dimensions of the Cove Spa and check the route that the Cove Spa will take to its destination. The Cove Spa is limited on how it can be positioned as it is taken through to its site location, the most common way is standing on its end, so it is at its narrowest.

If the Cove Spa was to be taken down the side of a house, things to look out for are, gate posts, window seal and down pipes ect.  You need to remember that Cove Spa’s empty often way around 300kg, and a minimum of 3 people is required and more if negotiating slopes and stairs. If it does look like it is going to be a problem then a crane can be the easiest solution and cheaper than you might think, for more information on crane hire please do not hesitate to contact us direct.

Electrical Supply

All Cove Spa electrical supplies will differ from model to model and can range from 11amp upwards. All electrics must be carried out by a qualified electrician and be used on a dedicated RCD circuit with a rotary isolator, if not this may invalidate any warranty.

Safety Considerations

Do not place hot tub within 3m of overhead power lines.

Make sure there is easy access to rotary isolator.

Always insure that lid cover is always left locked when not in use.

Water Supply

Cove Spa must be filled using mains water and not with softened water or from wells.



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