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Sorry This product has been discountinued by Certikin - Please call us for alternative options Domestic Variable Speed Controller for pumps up to 3HP. The Certikin Inverter can reduce pump speed from 2850rpm to a lower level providing energy savings uf upto 80% . Perfect with OC-1 Filter media

Our Price: £215.00

Sorry This product has been discountinued by Certikin - Please call us for alternative options

Certikin Inverter will reduce your pool pump's speed when required. Easy to install and with a basic manual control this variable speed controller can reduce the speed of your pump when you do not need full power and revert to full speed when you are backwashing or require higher flow. Even reducing the pump from 2850rpm to 1900 rpm will result in energy saving of 70%. Payback is fast and other benefits such as noise reduction make this an ideal upgrade product

When used with OC-1 media it is possible to achieve the same flow rate while having the pump run 40% less. Cost saving on energy consumtion gives a payback within the first year and significant savings over a 3 year period. As mentioed above, one of the other benifits of running a variable speed controller is the noise. By reducing the RPM from 2850 to say 1900 rpm the noise reduction is amazing. This is especially important if you are running the pump at night or near neighbours

More information is available and this is an instock item which can be sent on a fast next day delivery.

Example of cost saving with the following characteristics:

motor speed 2850, flow rate 302lpm, pressure 8m head, power input 983watts

Certikin Inverter is set at a lower speed of 1900rpm - reduction of .67%

This will provide a new low speed characteristics:

Motor Speed 1900rpm, flow rate 202lmp, pressure 3.6meters head, power input 295 watts

This provides a saving of 70% in energy costs

Savings are even greater when used iwth OC-1 Filter Media



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