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The Certikin Gas heater are the most durable gas heaters on the market today! Manufactured by the leading UK pool suppliers Certikin International Ltd. It is the policy of Certikin to provide products and service which gives you the customer total satisfaction with safety and quality in mind in everything they do.

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Your swimming pool is a long term investment that you and your family and friends will enjoy year after year. So why not extend your pool season months longer with a pool heater that provides the perfect level of heat for comfort and do this fast and efficiently stress free. All size gas heaters comes with optional Natural gas or Propane Gas and don’t forget to purchase your certikin control panel which offers an off the shelf cost effective solution for pool plant control for any type of heater, with MCB circuit breaker protection and a fully wired IP55 enclosure. 

Smart Function. Smart form - One look will tell you that the Certikin MB range is different. Sleek, contemporary, state-of-the-art, inside and out. The unique venting design and electronic ignition helps to ensure effortless and uninterrupted performance regardless of weather and wind conditions.

Longer Lasting Tough Exterior - The MB range’s exterior polyester coating is anon-polluting material. You can count on a long-lasting, lustrous protective finish that lasts years.

Whatever the Weather - Performance and reliability are further enhanced by Certikin’s outdoor stack less top designed to keep the MB 185/265/405 operational even in windy conditions and downdraughts.

Cost and Energy Efficient - The range of Certikin MB Gas heaters (185/265/405) spare you the costly installation of heat sinks because the alumina silica combustion chamber does not retain heat when the heater shuts off. Energy smart Certikin heaters consistently achieve high efficiency ratings.

Simply the Best - The Certikin MB 185/265/405 heaters with EconoTherm heat exchangers and UniTherm Plus system last longer and deliver more heat to your pool or spa water, per unit of fuel, than any other heaters you can buy. With many years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing all types of residential and commercial pool, space, and hot water heaters

Advanced UniTherm Plus full-flow System Improves Heater Life - Condensation-free operation is assured even with low temperature inlet water. Both water temperature and flow rate inside the heater are controlled to reduce condensation, sooting and scale build-up that can shorten heater life.

EconTherm Heat Exchanger - The MB range is equipped with a unique all-copper finned tube heat exchanger, designed for efficient heat transfer. Models 185, 265 and 405 feature all Capron headers




Water Balance

Please note that these gas heaters are not for the use of salt water application and if you do not pay due regard to you water balance regularly by testing you’re your chemical balance this could result in damaging your heat exchanger which will then invalidate your warranty claim. This can happen through clogging up excessive amounts of scaling or corrosion by too much acid


Fully CE approved for most European countries

·         80% Energy efficient

·         Special adaptor provided for PVC plumbing

·         Unitherm governor - eliminates condensation and scale

·         Easy to service and maintain

·         Resistant to wind & downdrafts

·         Can be installed indoors and outdoors

·         High wind tops for the 185, 265 and 405 models are available on request

·         Quick-fit electrics - see Pool Controller CCP04

·         Natural gas and LPG (propane) models available

·         Note - Vent kits / stackless tops are supplied FOC when ordering boiler.


Sizing Chart


BTU Output Size

Pool Size

91000 BTU

12ft x 24ft

133000 BTU

14ft x 28ft

169000 BTU

16ft x 32ft

244000 BTU

20ft x 40ft


CCP01 Control Panel

MCB Circuit breaker protection fully wired! P55 enclosure timed control of

·         Gas or Oil Pool heater

·         Pool Pump (Single Phase 16amp)

·         1 x Voltage free circuit switched pool lights conforms to IEE regulations

CCP03 Control Panel

MCB Circuit breaker protection fully wired IP55 enclosure Timed Control of

·         Electric Heater (single phase, max 50amps)

·         Pool Pump (single phase 16amp)

·         1 x Voltage free Circuit

·         Pool Lights

Conforms to IEE regulations

Handy Hint: Certikin recommend the use of a pump overrun timer to protect heating equipment (not supplied)


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