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Bowman Heat Exchangers


Bowman Heat Exchangers are manufactured with corrosion resistant cupro-nickel tubes and corrosion resistant end covers which are suitable for use with chlorine water, therapeutic and spa pools. Our units are very easy to maintain, both the end covers and tube stack can be easily removed for cleaning purposes, this is unique to our design.

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Bowman Heat Exchangers can be utilised where the water is heated by a boiler, heat pump or solar panels and are generally suitable for volumes of water upto 1140m3 / 250,000 gallons for boiler installations and 228m3 / 50,000 gallons for solar installations. (For larger installations please contact our sales department).

Bowman Heat Exchangers are also available with a thermostat pocket which enables a thermostat probe to be fitted directly into the end cover. This eliminates the need for the thermostat to be fitted into the pipe work (The new 5113 and 5114 series heat exchangers incorporate an integrated thermostat pocket as standard) the heat exchanger can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Bowman Heat Exchangers can also be used to cool water in hot climates. Cooling water from a chiller is passed over the heat exchanger tubes as an alternative to the heating water from a boiler, heat pump or solar panels (Please contact us for further information about using our heat exchangers for cooling pools).

Overall Length 545cm - main body 226cm

Cupro-nickel tubes

plastic ends

socket unions

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