400 Micron Blue Solar Cover


400 Micron Solar Cover at a low price. Our World Of Pools swimming pool covers can help raise water temperature by up to 17%, turning your swimming pool into a huge solar collector. The "New & Improved" 400 Micron pool Covers will transfer maximum energy and help generate increased temperature through the day and will also prevent heat loss by up to 85%, as the outside temperature falls overnight.

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400 micron solar cover is essential for a Swimming Pool whether Inground or Above. You need a pool cover to help reduce heat, chemical and water loss. With higher energy costs it is important to retain as much heat as possible and add heat. Our 400 micron solar cover is UK made and is an ideal cover for all swimming pools but at a price that is unbeatable.

We can make the cover to size to fit your pool including adding a leading edge, roman end and hemming, made to order covers take approx 10 days to make, please call or email for details

A swimming pool solar cover can:

  • Help Raise Water Temperature By Up To 17%
  • Reduce Heating Costs By Keeping Generated Heat In The Swimming Pool 
  • Solar covers will help to keep debris out of your pool making it cleaner
  • Enable you to make more use of your pool as warmer water will be used more
  • Reduce the amount of water you Lose through Evaporation, especially important is water restriction are in place
  • Save On Chemicals Through Reduced Evaporation Levels 

Solar Covers are essential when using an "On Demand" form of heating such as Gas, Oil or Electric. Without a Swimming Pool Solar Cover you will be wasting vast amounts of money as the heat produced by your Swimming Pool Heater is lost into the atmosphere.


 400 micron solar cover has the following specification:

Polyethylene Film Dual Extruded U.V Protection0.6% AdditiveColouring1%

ActualThermal Properties Vicat Softening Point (1kg) 93°C

Bubble Diameter 12mm

Bubble Height 4.9mm

No. of Bubbles per m²5751

400 Microns Thickness 

Bubble Film = 260um +/- 10%

Back Film = 140um +/- 10%

Weight per m²368 grams +/- 10%

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